How to properly grieve.

2. Made it a goal to get through the day.

It was times I would shut down, not work and snap on everyone. Half of the time I didn’t know I was reacting until about the 3rd year. 

A. Be mindful of my thoughts and actions.

B. Think of happy thoughts.

C. Slow to speak, quick to listen. (James 1:19)

Don’t react to every little thing and explode. Sit quiet, think about what you’re going to say and then move. 

3. Allow yourself to cry.

Feel like crying then go for it. Let it all out. I didn’t care where I was. If I was working, I would nicely say I need a minute, at home I would say I’m going to sleep. So my mom wouldn’t freak out about me historically crying. She turns into mommy mode and someone is getting a phone call. Lol I love you mommy.

Some days it can happen 5 times, get it out.

3. Get someone to vent too.

I call my dad because he knows my pain, if not more. He would listen maybe even cry together and then we are good. 

4. Accept it won’t happen overnight.

It’s been 6 years and I still cry like a baby. I still feel heartbroken on those two days. But every year it has improved. Everyday it is an improvement.


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