My letter

My brother has been forever a touchy subject. It was to the point where I had it rehearsed when people asked what happen to him? How did he pass? 

Making that post was not easy. I literally fought with God with sharing something that was nobodies business.

Who am I to tell God no? Who am I to hold the answer to what may have been to someone’s prayer. How selfish of me? I’m not sure who it was for and why He decided now, but I know it reached you.

Mr. Ty, who I will refer to often, asked me to write a letter to my brother. My 1st response was oh naw, I can’t do that! That’s to hard. He said, it’s okay, you may not be able to do it now but you can tomorrow, just think about. 

I wrote my letter a week after he asked me to. I was afraid of a breakdown. I was nervous of what will happen after but I tried it and it ended up being a book. 

It wasn’t a goodbye letter, just a letter to update him on where I am in life all the way back to our last conversation. I can’t explain how it helped but it did. I’ve written 3 letters to him since then. If you asked me I don’t know where those letters are. I don’t remember which book or phone I put it in. At the same time I won’t look for it. It’ll come across my path again when I need it.

It may not be writting letters for you but maybe a song, create a dance, a beat, or a painting. Give it try, you never know.

When you do, get in contact with me. I would like to hear about it. Let’s celebrate together.

Truly me



2 responses to “My letter”

  1. Tyrone Georgia Avatar
    Tyrone Georgia

    Hi San, I remember every word of that conversation to this day! And, you have inspired me with your strength and resolve to continue the my healing process. I still write letters and notes to my brother not only because he’s my Hero but as way to hear my heart. So, write and read those letters whenever you’re ready, just remember you may not get over Grief but you can get THROUGH IT! Love Mr. Ty,

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    1. I sure will Mr. Ty thank you


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