“Girl, if you don’t go out on a date with him and get that free food.”

Dating- go out with.

My version of dating- going on dates to get to know someone.

Some people version of dating- being together, in a relationship.

I have learned to enjoy just dating. No, not for the free food, or the free adventures. 

But because I literally learn something new about me.

It can be something that I may need to change, something to embrace, or something to improve.

But I sit back and think, thank you for the ones I’ve dated that taught me something new about myself that are no longer here in my life.


But then it’s sucks for you. You guys don’t get to enjoy the “finished product” which I say loosely because it’s always room to grow. 

I am very grateful for that. And I’m sure my husband would appreciate it as well.




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