Stressing out and didn’t even know it.

My classes start up again in a couple days. I feel like I’m worried about not making the same mistake again. 

For a year, I was so focused on what I was doing in my church and making everything else a priority. 

I didn’t take care of me and my future. I was worried about pouring into others, but I wasn’t pouring into myself.

So the result of that made me get on probation one semester and suspended another.

While suspended, I went to a community college to get my gpa up. During that one course, I had a scare. 

So about 2 years now, I was “told” I had dyslexia. So when I was having a hard time in that course, I  pretty much shut down and gave up.

The following semester, I reached out to my college to see if I could come back since I believed that my suspension was only for a semester. When I did, my advisor told me to come in for a meeting. I didn’t think anything of it.

So I’m there and she sends me to the deans office to have a meeting with the president of the university. What happen was, they were suppose to send me an official letter of suspension. I was suppose to write a letter back explaining what happened with my academics and how am I changing my situation to make sure it doesn’t happen again. From there, it would be reviewed and the decision to have me come back would be decided.

I never received that letter, so she asked me a few questions and put me on probation. I went back to my advisor and got the next steps on getting my classes and setting me up to move forward.

I registered for only two classes. Classes I’ve failed before. Note- if you fail a class with one professor, don’t take them again. See I had in my head, if I take him/her again I would pass because I already have the material. Yea, No!

I found myself having difficulty so I saw a tutor every week. I sat with my professors and explained my situation to them and they helped, REALLY helped the kid. My favorite professor ever sat with me after every class to answer any questions I had and helped with the class project. 

I passed both classes, got my gpa up and off probation, so I could continue my college journey.

Instead of me worrying about failing again. I have to say and think, watch me become valedictorian. 

Instead of stressing, let me go to the library now and schedule with a tutor since I know this class is not my strongest. 

After going to a few doctors, hold time ya girl does not have dyslexia. I was grieving from the loss of my brother and it showed through my grades apparently. Let me tell you my loving doctor went off on me saying what I was going through was all normal.

As long as I take the 1st step, God will handle the rest.

Moral of the story, don’t give up, take care of yourself in every way 1st. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Ask for help! Seek God for guidance in all that you do. He will never stir you in the wrong directions. 



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