Story Time

I have a routine where I watch a sermon at night, every night. Sometimes mornings depending on how I feel. 

If I’m in the mood to worship or am I hungry for something.

I call it virtually cheating on my church lol.

Every season of my life, I pretty much stalk a pastor. (In the most healthiest way!) 

I’ll come across one video and if I like the message and execution I want to know more about that person.

So I watch all the videos posted, learn about their story. Follow them on social media.

Only because I value the knowledge they share. What can I gain from them?

Imagine if I did that to Jesus. Not saying I don’t go to Him for answers and wisdoms.

 But the magnitude of how I do it for these pastors are insane. I have to go to the source. 

So let me paint the picture. Stalking Jesus is reading the Bible, sitting with Him, talking to Him and listening to Him. 

Why did he go through some of the things He went through?

Researching His parents, how did He become the savior? Who raised Him? What was His accomplishments? 

I’m glad He pointed this out to me. He changed my perspective on growing in Him and building a stronger relationship with Him. 

For example, I’m currently stalking a few people on YouTube. But I could tell you about one. Her name is Sarah Jakes Roberts. I know so much about her, she’s like my big sister. 

No, we have not went to dinner and build a friendship just yet. But don’t sleep on God!

What pleasure God would have with all my attention and energy. To thirst for more of Him. To want to know all about Him. 

So hop in the car with me and let’s pull up on Him.

Jesus, what’s good!?


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