Daddy Issues.

In church, we talked about Gentleness. How you should treat people with care. 

“Gentleness is for fragile people. Sorry doesn’t help fragile people because you didn’t break them. Because you didn’t break them, you can’t fix them. Some people are broken when they come into our lives.”

Now this is just a very brief part of the message. (Comment below for more information on the full message). But this revealed a lot in me.

I am very fragile, and it is from my Dad. It’s annoying to know what caused a problem, knowing you had nothing to do with it and you can’t fix it.

I wanted to cry because it’s like wow, I’m so fragile and I didn’t cause this. It does suck when you don’t have a man in your life to show you what love is. Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing God Fathers but it’s nothing like blood. 5 God fathers but 1 father. Such a special title but no weight to it.

I almost started writing a whole sob story on what I don’t have. Hear me out, we are better than we’ve ever been from a few years ago. It’s doesn’t change the damage already done. I do love my Dad, I just have Dad issue.

It’s good to know the problem and where it comes from. Why relationships have been TRASH! It’s good to know I can’t fix it. It’s good to know God can.

God doesn’t reveal your flaws to you to be sad or angry about it. He reveals them so you know what to pray for. So you know that He already fix this problem, it’s just now you see it. It’s all in His plans babe.

Thank you Lord, for showing me the root of my fragilness. I place it into your hands, that you make me whole and strong. Only you can fix my brokenness. I pray all the eyes that click this blog be healed in the name of Jesus. You are King of Kings, Lord of lords and so It is done. 


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