Prison and the Palace

I watched a YouTube video by Sarah Jakes Roberts called “Prison and the Palace.”

“Don’t let your pride get in the way of your breakthrough.”

“Make the prison your palace. You are the Palace.”

“A divine purpose bigger than my issues, bigger than my hurt.”

For more video information comment below. About 5 lessons came out of this message for me but let’s talk about one.

College may feel like a prison sometimes. It feels like I can’t do certain things until I graduate. I want to go to different levels in my career and in life but the process of graduating is what I need to trust in.

I hear all the time that college is not about what’s written on the degree but more so showing that you were able to go through the process.

For me, college has made my relationship with God stronger. When I graduate I show corporate I can be trustworthy and it brings value to my name.

I’m also showing God I trust Him. He got me here and will get me there. I couldn’t do this without Him. I believe in the promises He has over my life, even if it takes 7 years. So when I walk that stage, I’m walking into another promise that leads to another promise to another. Walking into a blessing that leads to another blessing to another. An open door to all that was already minds.

I’m leaving behind all the can’ts and negativity from people who couldn’t see God in prison. Leaving behind the people who spoke harm over my life and said I’ll never make it. The people who said since it took me so long to graduate that I did something wrong and it’s pointless now.

When I graduate from University of Baltimore, I also graduate from The Kingdom University.

One response to “Prison and the Palace”

  1. Everyone can achieve a college degree.some takes longer than others but it does not matter how long it took you.Your strength and belief , your dedication will get you to your final goal. So take all the time u need to accomplish your goals….IT WILL HAPPEN.


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