Councilman Pete Smith

The day I interviewed Councilman Pete Smith, everything that could possible go wrong, went wrong!

I had a section set out for the interview in a public area. A family of 3 toddlers and a new born decided to sit next to me. The second spot was great but it was right under the speakers, I went outside and it wasn’t loud to where when I record it’ll be a distraction. When Councilman showed up that’s when everyone and they mama came out of nowhere.

The plug that I used to record with my gold mic all of a sudden stopped working and my mic was falling apart. Can I remind you this is all minutes before our schedule time to meet.

Thank God for serving at the church I now intern with the production team, I’ve learned to work around situations like this. But oh my geez.

So I recorded audio, no visual, this was not my best but God got this. This forced me to buy new equipment, which is cool when you have the funds. I already had a few line ups of interviews for that week!

So I asked a few people to match my bank account because I was saving for equipment to enhance my growth and now I have to replace something broken. By the grace of God, He provided just enough to purchase the equipment I needed for this season.

I went back and forth with myself  on if I should post it because the quality is so bad. Cars and motorcycles all throughout the audio, smh. This just makes me excited for next year because it can only go up from here.

In all, I am so proud and honored to have such a moment like this.


One response to “Councilman Pete Smith”

  1. Asantee,
    It was great working with you.

    Pete Smith


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