The Book

I received a lot of gifts for my birthday. My favorite one was a book, just a normal cute journal like book.

Who it was from gave it value. I only knew shortie for five months through work.

A little back story, I have been hurt from a friendship where I became vulnerable  and opened my life to her just to get hurt pretty bad.

I have forgiven and I have moved on. Shoot when I see her I say hi and give her a hug, maybe even small conversation. But she took something from me which is taking a toll in new friendships. God is still working in me.

So baby girl gives me this book and it’s a note inside ending with a scripture.

I didn’t care what the scripture was, I didn’t care about anything else. The fact that she took the time to look for one, study it, make sure it applied to the note above and knew it was for me! Melted my heart. Someone who is learning about who God is in her life. Someone who knows of God to knowing God.

To have her study a scripture for me is one of the best things. She did that on her own. It’s something about watching someone take baby steps to an everlasting kingdom that gave me more joy than having pineapple pizza.

She shown me to forgive on a deeper level. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was becoming a great friend that I realized I needed to forgive again. I had to go back to my previous posts and review my own notes.

That’s my baby girl.


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