I was preforming a dance in church the other Sunday and it is required to take off all jewelry.

I have a bracelet that was giving to me for my birthday made out of Trinidad gold that has my name engraved in it. I never take that off. Some times I forget I have it on.

Which is fine, it’s just a few pieces I do not take off on a every day bases. I kept forgetting I had my bracelet on until the dance leader said something about it.

As I’m taking my bracelet and earrings off, I feel a little naked but I also didn’t realize how heavy all that stuff was one me.

It was a bigger picture to this. I had to strip all of me, everything that “represented” Asantee to allow God to move through me in the form of dance.

A visual representation of none of me and all of you. (You as in God)

It wasn’t until Moses was stripped from his title, his land and gold that he was able to lead the people to the promise land.

Have this happened to you before?

The story of Moses is in the book of Exodus. If you are a visual learning, the movie “The Prince of Egypt” explains Moses journey very well.

“He must become greater, I must become less.”

-John 3:30


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