“Catch me Outside…”

Catch me outside and lets pray ! HAHA

I usually post on Wednesday’s but ya girl feels like going off.

So watch this!

This last few weeks have been interesting. Stepping out of my comfort zone and truly allowing God to work His miracles through me have stretched me in ways I did not know I could go.

Everything I do I consultant with my main man first. (God)


I am on a all time high for Jesus and self-awareness.

My life dances to the rhythm of God’s heart.

Every step I take, every breath I make and every action I do is literally not my will.

This is just the beginning and all ready conflict with the enemy and others internal issues.

I am trusted by God to have such a platform, such a mission!

He is for me then who can be against me.

I’ve held back my life journey for too long and sharing is caring. For you as well, He wants us all to share because He put us through things to help the next.

My intentions are not to hurt, misguide or mislead when I tell my stories.

It’s to shine light on what I’ve experienced in my life and hope to encourage someone else to either walk this walk with God, practice celibacy and forgive 1000 times. I have multiple examples on this blog about forgiving and forgiving again because I’m constantly FORGIVING, this is not a game. Find a spiritually squad, step out on faith and deal with a loss.

Every post I make on an average gets five people upset, but 100 feel like it helped them and are applying it to their lives.

If something I post tickles your feathers ask yourself why!

I encourage self-reflection and truly look in the mirror and ask yourself, what’s the real issue, maybe even talking to someone outside of family for guidance. I know I surely did.

Just as it bought me self-awareness, it will do the same for you.

Stay tuned for next weeks part two story on Church Hurt.



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