Church Hurt ! You won’t believe who hit my phone after my first post…

Thank you for all who participated…

Continuing from our post last week, I asked what do you think happened after I went to the bathroom to clear my head.

Some people said…

“Smack the Holy Ghost out of them, I’m too nice to go off so I said congratulations and walked away, told them they need me on there team…” and many more.

None of the above happened, I was expecting them to go into the room to change not the bathroom to wipe there face off. They where coming in and I was coming out. I said the dryest hi ever. She stops me, pulls me to the side and asked whats up. I said what I had to say with tears running down my face, high pitch voice and not holding my tongue.

She said her story, what the issue was as to why she didn’t respond to me. She explained herself and apologized. Even bought in someone else to pretty much tell me the same thing, just someone of some kind of authority. My mom figured I’ve been back there for to long and when I was walking to her she had her jacket on and bag ready to go off. I calmed her down lol

Now I’ve said before that it is levels to forgiving.

I even did self-reflection to get to the root of my own hurt and allowed God to work it out in me, I was good honestly. In that moment, I forgave and any time it popped up in my head, I forgave again. She asked me many times if I wanted to dance mime and praise but I said no because I didn’t make dance a priority so I didn’t rearrange my work or school schedule to make rehearsals. I forgave but at the time I didn’t want any parts. I decided to put my time and energy into another form of ministry. If my schedule allows me to participate I sure will dance again.

When I told my best friend about the story, she was highly upset and thinks it’s happen to others and I’m just the first person to say something about it.

Fast Forwarding

It was another time where I had to forgive again, I had to go through the process because the feelings and memories came up all at once. I removed myself from the room and called my mom. I’m thinking because I forgave, this feeling should not be here. I should not be this upset. As I was venting to mom she calms me down but tells my sister to meet me where I was. You know how family could get when someone sheds a tear. I told them to stay where they were and I got this. I went to a trust worthy leader and asked for help. We prayed for healing and forgiveness, then I was able to continue my day and allow myself to move forward.

This story is not over but I’m telling you this to not allow the enemy to win. This almost made me not want to serve period. But I know who I am and my calling. I couldn’t allow this situation to stop me from walking in my purpose so I looked for guidance and if you are going through something similar I suggest you do the same. Talk to someone you trust, someone who will follow protocol with a situation regarding this.

The damage caused is now revealed but I am now healed.

My first post caused some tention and my phone was blowing up, who do you think it couldve been?

Till next Wednesday.


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