“Calling me at 12:47 at night, while I’m watching the fight, looking at my phone it’s no name in sight…”

So who hit my phone?

My best friend, she wanted to tell me about how her day went and I had a story to tell her about my future husband. Her name was not in sight because I don’t call her by her birth name and she has emojis to represent who she is to me. lol

Let’s get right into it.

This being a two part story. I’m not done!

Going throught this church hurt process allowed me to see the bigger picture.

God revealed to me that I was here before, I again was being obedient to what God told me to do and received backlash.

The first time something like this happened, I sought leadership guidance but not of one with spiritual authority. It was someone trust worthy. It ended up being terrible, a emotional loss of someone I held dear to my heart because of their cloudy eyes to my purpose. That can be common, it just makes you stronger but know when to let that go.

God put me through this to show me where I am, He put me through a similar test on a different level to show me how far I’ve come. Sometimes your trials are not about the person who put you through it but about yourself.

I stayed in that moment for awhile, comparing what my actions, to what I thought about doing, to what I would’ve done two months ago. LET ME TELL YOU.

I’ve grown up so much! I shocked myself!

If you can relate to my story, take some time to self reflect, challenge that energy you feel towards that situation as a good friend told me. Don’t allow the situation to tell you how to feel, you decide what you feel and the actions you make.

God has sent you who and what you need to get through anything you are facing. Ask Him who it is, what it is and to make it plain. He’ll do it for you.

Don’t forget to celebrate every moment, every improvement and every goal.

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