Why can’t I have it now? It has my name on it!!!

You ever have a promise sit right in front of you but you can’t have it, can’t grab it, touch it or anything but you know it’s there for you?

You know it belongs to you, your name is written all over it.

Like a house you put money down on but the inspections didn’t get passed and now have to wait a little longer to move in or a promotion you worked hard for now you’re next in line but you havent received it yet.

A dream car you’ve been saving up for, you go to purchase it but something happens and you have to postpone purchasing that bad boy.

It’s a terrible feeling, like how much longer, when will my break come, when will my hard work be noticed. When?

Try to change your prospective on things, try to not lean unto your own understanding, try to hold on to the promises God told you and be patient. This is not coming easy to me.

So what’d you do Asantee?

I’m glad you asked.

I prayed, I gave it all back to God, all that He said was mine, all that belongs to me. He’ll take better care of it and will hand it to me in the right time.

It’s like picking a fruit when it’s ready, do it any sooner and it’s not edible. I may not be in the position to maintain a new car, I could get it but can I keep it?

Who is that person that you could hug but not hold, that thing that’s right at your finger tips but can’t grab it yet?

My Prayer

I pray Dad that you take care of my promises, thank you for telling me what they are, you didn’t have to. I pray that I stay firm in you and your word that no matter what happens or what I see, I will always be grounded in you, so the view I am standing will not taint my promise. No matter what happens or what is said or done, it will not move me on what I know to be true. In Jesus Name Amen.


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