Christopher Jaedon

Let me tell you about Christopher Jaedon, the son of Kaylah.

Christopher is my nephew and I his Tia’.When Christopher was cooking, he grew to have a lot of “Aunties.” Of course me wanting to be different I said naw he’ll never know who his real Aunties are for he has three actual blood Aunties. All three of us have special names but Mom came up with Tia’ (Aunty in spanish) for me.

Christopher aka Pumpkin has sparked a different kind of love in my heart, he changed my name. He is my Chris, I am his Pooh. I am so honored God choice us to be in his life. How blessed we are to have such a joyful King that literally brightens our world.

Pumpkin, when your old enough to read this, know Tia’ loves you so much. You are such an amazing child of God. You can come over Tia’ house whenever you want. I’ll make a green box just for you since kids these days don’t have one like my generation did growing up. I hope you get use to me doing your hair every Sunday. Your dreams and goals are never to big for God, with Him you can do anything. If God says yes, who can say no.

I’m so exciting for our many adventures and stories we’ll tell mommy when you get older.

Yours truly



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