Calling All Poets

I am launching a book by the end of the year, but I need your help.

Syllabus is a two part book 90 Day Devotional, the first book is the study book and the second is the work book. It will have reflection questions, crossword puzzles, word search and many more surprises.

I am looking for poems on the specific topics listed below:

  • Serving
  • Communication
  • Who is God to you
  • The Bible
  • Faith
  • Growth
  • God surrounding you
  • The people you keep in your circle
  • Direction
  • God’s light
  • Signature piece

There is a non-negotiable cash prize and your poem/poems will be published in the book.

Submit no later than October 16th 2018, I will announce the winners on Live.

If you submit a video please attach a written form.

I look forward to reading your masterpieces.

Thank you in advance.

Syllabus workbook cover


2 responses to “Calling All Poets”

  1. What’s your name?

    My name is unimportant and my life is seemingly the same. I walk around day to day looking at all the smiling faces around me. Everyone strolls by me without giving me a glance. I side eye them wondering if they’ll ever stop and see I’m just here looking for someone to notice me! My so called loved ones abandoned me a long time ago and left me by the Bayside as if my name is Zack or A.C Slater. I guess people don’t understand I’m a human being too. Why is it so hard for others to talk to me? Is it my breath, do I have B.O, is there something in my teeth? Can everyone around me tell that I gave up my faith in God? Why should it matter to them? It’s not like him cursing my life is affecting them. They didn’t grow up an orphan with two parents who chose to abandon their newborn. Raised to believe that I was defective, that my life to my own parents didn’t matter. How could they leave their newborn son to a stranger? I wonder. I wasn’t even left with a picture just a birth certificate stating my name as Unwanted Bastard! Unloved since birth, it doesn’t surprise me that God hasn’t graced me with his presence, he’s probably too embarrassed to admit he made his first ever mistake when he created me. The forgotten son! What did I do to deserve this? It’s not my fault moving from foster home to foster home had me feeling stuck in a everlasting ping pong match just going back and forth. Never was I able to build meaningful relationships with the other unlucky souls that stepped through those doors. In and out as if I committed a robbery, foster homes couldn’t wait to get rid of me. The fights didn’t happen until I turned 15, that’s when my aggression started getting the best of me. I would’ve gotten expelled from school if you didn’t feel sorry for me. Who would’ve thought my principal would be the only person in my life that actually showed some type of affection towards me.
    I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to sit and talk with me. Years past since you pitied me and I’m still stuck in the same exact place. Bouncing from job to job since no one wants to accept me. I’m not what they’re looking for they say. Story of my life. If I could look the man everyone calls God in his eyes right now I would lay it on him. Hiding behind the clouds because he’s scared I’ll confront him. What could he possibly say to me? I’ve heard all the promises he made to all the past generations and yet not one was fulfilled on my life. He lied to me. How fair is this I ask you?
    Fair you say? How else can I answer your question but say I’m sorry, but that’s not how this movie called life works. There’s multiple scripts out there for you to choose. You see it sounds like you been holding on to pent up aggression. Since birth you felt you been alone, yes it’s not right that your parents abandoned you but don’t ever think God has done the same. He’s watching over you every second of the day and he knows everything that you’re feeling. His plan for your life is beyond imagination, it just takes patience and faith until you can walk in it. Don’t think for a minute your life’s trials were all for his amusement, this isn’t a video game for him to play when he wants something to chuckle at. He hurts when you do, cries when you cry, and becomes heartbroken for the way people have treated you! He also knows that the pain you go through today is for a glorious reason he has laid out for you! The time for beating yourself up and blaming others for your life is over. God loves and cherishes you. Put your faithless days behind you and allow him to heal you from that pain you’ve been carrying and the rage that’s been growing. No task is too small or big for him. For you he is happy to provide you comfort and peace. Just know your life is not a mistake. He spoke to you in your womb anxiously waiting to get to know you more when you finally came out. Your time is now and he’s waiting for you with arms wide open, all you have to do is reach out to him. So what’s it gonna be? Are you gonna remain unimportant or correctly name yourself as the child of the Living God?
    Wait, let me interject. How dare you say just reach out. Do you think it’s easy for me to just forget all that I’ve been through? The pain from my past plays again and again in my head as if they’re commercials. There’s no escaping it, even if I ran as fast as the Flash it will always catch up to me. This endless loop of psychological trauma is killing me. I might as well end my life now if this is all that’s left for me. How can God expect me to forgive everything that has happened so easily? You say he hurts when I do so if that’s true he should understand why forgiveness just isn’t in me; Why this rage continues to burn like a Californian wildfire. Shouldn’t he accept and love me for who I am, for what I am? I’m his creation so this outcome should be of no surprise to him.
    Now I’m going to stop you there and tell you to remember that God does not owe you anything. Did you forget you’re still experiencing the biggest blessing of them all, Life! The way you’re talking you’re lucky our God has an abundance of patience and understanding to know you’re just talking out of anger. You don’t want Heavens’ gate to open up and him to come down here so you can make these accusations that he doesn’t love you face to face. Like someone’s tongue stuck to a frozen pole I know you won’t be able to utter a word. The sounds of his thunderous voice would give you worse chills than Antarctica, paralyzed by his presence all you would be able to do is fall, knees to the ground. I say to you, understand that life is no pleasant dream, it’s more like a cycle of ups and downs, right and wrongs. Every horrific experience can end with a rainbow. Just because your forecast says cloudy doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining. It’s all in your point of view. Understand that God is an everlasting sun that’s never setting. He’s faithful from the day you’re conceived until eternity. His purpose for your life is glorious no matter how this world treats you. Accept the fact that terrible things happen to those undeserving, but this doesn’t mean give up on your faith in him. He takes notes of all the wrong doing that’s done upon you. He is judge, jury, and executioner. He’ll repay all the wickedness on judgement day. But for you, your journey must start with forgiveness, the peace you seek lies with that first step. No it won’t be easy but the outcome is definitely worth it. Remember that the name on your birth certificate does not say “unwanted bastard”, it states you are “God’s child”, so please never forget it. Unimportant to the world you may feel but Holy and righteous is what our God sees. You must believe that no matter how stuck you feel in the uncertainty of life that God is always with you!

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