What am I doing!?

I will sit for hours watching someone else success story on social media or YouTube but don’t take the time to work on my own.

Why is that?

Kinda the same with watching sermons on YouTube, which I do often and nothing is wrong with that but…

why not learn for myself by reading the Bible. Now I have plenty of times before but have I REALLY REALLY read the Bible for understanding and clarity to see who God truly is?

I could study how to do something, be something, achieve something but what’s anything without work.

Yes life happens, mold in our home, in and out of hotels, wondering where we will live by the end of the year, sick for damn near two weeks to where I couldn’t walk, falling behind in school work and not caring about no damn job. Let’s not even get into “People” handing they butt to us and turn around wanting respect.

But that can’t stop me, that can’t move me. I can not waist not one more second because time is something I can’t get back. I may be talking to myself with this post but look, I can research for hours how to be better but it’s nothing if I’m not practicing what I learned.

Remember that when you don’t feel like reading or don’t feel like turning off that tv or game. Life is really not a game! It’s up to me to decide what I want to do with it.

One of God’s great gifts to us is being able to make decisions, we have to use it wisely.

Have you had this feeling before our am I tripping?


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