The Land of Fire and Ice.

The land of ice and fire
My overall experience in Iceland is definitely one to remember, a great way to celebrate my 25th birthday.
If I go back it’s because I’m going to go see Black diamond beach paid in full, everything included.
We did ALOT in a few days. From the North Shore to the South Shore and everything in between.
I’ve tried 6 different Hot Chocolates, 4 different Orange juices, ate pineapple pizza and started my fur game. In all South Shore was the best experience for me.
A few things I’ve learned along the way.
  1. Nature is nature, you can’t tell it what to do. It isn’t a performance where you say go and bam it appears. For example, the Northern Lights, it’s a chase! We went to two different places to try to catch them, when we did… not ready ! We needed anything but an iPhone to capture the moment. There is an app but we were in the middle of no where, it’s called Northern light capture. You know me, I make friends every where I go, my Aunt was able to get a snap and asked someone to send me the pic they captured.
  2. Don’t plan too much, have an idea of what you would like to do and see, let it flow. Allow God to move, we knew what we wanted to see and pretty much found tours that did that and more. We did more than we ever planned or expected.
  3. Warning- every chance we got we slept, on accident. Thank God for His protection because we slept in taxi’s which is a no no. But we allowed ourselves to get as much sleep when we got back to the hotel but it was literally like this the entire time, it was never enough for us lol.
My Favorite- again South Shore had the best Hot Chocolate and tour sites. I was able to go where they filmed The Wall in Game of Thrones. Super hype, so hyped to find the location we almost missed our bus going back lol.
It was such a pleasure spending these moment with my Aunt, I wouldn’t want to go through the good and bad with anyone else.
Did I tell y’all we spend 16 hours in the hotel because our flight pulled off early than our ticket said. L O L
Taking turns sleeping and asking family to send us money so we could eat. I almost lost my Aunt to the Arctic Ocean. Nothing we did but again nature is unpredictable, my mom said the sea is a female and will take out a woman but save a man. I witnessed her attempt, (we could laugh about it now.) Listen stories for DAYS!
I drink a lot of water, one filter at work is pretty much my favorite water until I went to Iceland. I didn’t really catch the difference until I came back to my water at work and could not drink it. Water is fresh and free in Iceland. So clean you could drink the tap water. Someone got money hungry and made bottle waters there to get tourist, they did not get us when we visit oh but how happy I am now that they did. I literally order me Icelandic 24 pack bottle of water. This is not a game.
In all it was beautiful to see God’s creation.
How He took the time to create a purpose for each mountain, volcano, and waterfall to do a job and create in His creation. The result from one of the ruptured volcano a few years back gave birth to a completely new island which has never been seen before for the Icelandic’s.
Makes you think how He created us, how He took the time to mold us, give us all a purpose and allowed us to be creative in His creativity.
Sleep on that.

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