One of My Kind

For years I felt like I never fit in. Not in the sense of no one likes me but no one like me.

Starting from running track at the age of 5, I was the only one who ran long distance.

To groups in church, I was the oldest.

In networking events I was the youngest.

In my group of friends I would be the only with no kids or the only one in college.

All caused me to feel isolated because no one really understood my obstacles I’ve faced simply because our walk was, is different.

That was then, I can now say ” that’s okay! ”

God took the time to create me the way that I am and molding me to be just like Him.

I am truly embracing that.

I can now say I’m Not One of My Kind, I’m One of A Kind.

This picture is sweet representation of that.


2 responses to “One of My Kind”

  1. i love this ! my life currently just different details . keep going ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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