New Job Who This

I was nervous about taking this new job. Leaving a set pay to rely on my performance is different but the opportunity is out of this world.

I was an Assistant Manager for a clinic. Now corporate trainer for a Marketing firm. I’m going to be a director sooner than imaginable.

I got promoted in nine days but it was hard. I had a lot of reprogramming from what I thought marketing was. My work ethic has changed, I had about four break downs in the last three weeks. Everything was different and a crazy transition and still transitioning. Days I don’t want to go to work because of the fear of failing. I just had to remember God does not put me through things to harm me but to prosper me. He Has to fix these things in me for where He plans to take me.

The first thing was to not chase money, of course that took me time to realize that. I passed that test the day I saw 200 people and made not one sale but had such a great time talking to them. I walk with Gospel music playing and pray God goes before me.

I lost two pants sizes, my relationship is stronger with God. I try to find different ways to see Him but may ask myself, am I doing enough? Am I where I need to be with Him? I’ve come so accustom to one way of serving and if I’m not doing that then I’m not serving at all. So not true, that’s a different story though.

I’ve pushed myself in ways I didn’t know I could and completely be open with Him. I have the chance to make $1500 a week and build my own team.

This job allows me to travel the world and becoming a Director I will go to Tokyo, that is the goal.

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