How many side hustle do you have?

Started a new job, quit that job, started my own company.

2 months now and I’ve been chilling working a couple days and a couple jobs which made it easy to help out with my nephew.

One day I decided to go back to my previous job at the clinic. No expectation, just wanted another income that was flexible with hours. It was a lot easy getting a few part time job because I wasn’t required to close or work weekends, it was what I am available for.

I actually was offered a management position and blessed with a certain amount of pay which was shocking because I was just looking to be an associate.

Let me tell you how good God is, He allowed me to explore, covered me in the mist of it all because I didn’t lose anything but time and put me right back on track actually, further than ever before.

I’m not saying I’ll be at this job until retirement but what I can accomplish while working here is the blessing. The flexibility of Jesus grace through this job is the prize. I can be available for His works.

I defiantly hesitated going back, I’ve always made sure to leave on good terms with any job but I never returned, I just got a new one.

Changing my perspective, my business is my main job, anything else is my side hustle.

I have about five side hustle. How many do you have?


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