Daddy’s Girl

I am really a Daddy’s girl?

One day during my devotional time, I came across Luke 21:19. I read it and prayed that I stand firm in God so I could win in life. I prayed that God stand with me in Him because I can stand firm in Him and may not know what that means or looks like.

God standing with me, holding me up in Him is a weird thing to ask but He does it for me. It’s a visual thing for me.

So God brung me back to a time in my life with my awesome Godfather Pappa Walter. When he took me to Father Daughter dances I would stand on his feet as he holds me and I look up at him. It’s the same way with God, so no matter what storm, earthquake, drought, famine, shine, light or snow in life ,my eyes are on God. I’m standing firm on His feet and He is holding my hands.

I am a sucker for Jesus. He truly is my main mans! I will always be a Daddy’s Girl.


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