The nerve!


I went to this mentor entrepreneurship program and the guy I sat with pretty much said my blog will never make me money.

He told me I need to graduate to get a good job.

He said I should stop my blog and focus on school, get my GPA up and get out.

He said with all that I want to do, it is too much and I’m not focused, I’m all over the place.

He gave his sons life story which didn’t help and said he didn’t understand how my plans can make me money.

My thoughts?

I thought I was here to talk about being an entrepreneur and how to take my goals to the next level and you tell me I have to graduate to get a good job.

I can and will be able to make money off of my blog and vlog, I will reap what I have sown, that’s everything I put my hands on.

Yes, I do need to focus.

If you don’t know about my feild, then send me to someone who does.

You are right… put school 1st and get out.

But why can’t I do both, why can’t I start my business and be educated? Everyone else did.

Comparing myself to others is never the answer.

Then God spoke!

“Everyone else did not have a car note, worked two jobs, many was given the opportunity to stay on campus to just focus on school, you have no idea what struggles and sacrifices I put them through to be able to be where ever they are right now.

Everyone did not have your set back and come back.

Your path is different, your doing good with prioritizing everything in your calendar, you could do better, bring me in everything you do. Look for me in all that comes, all that you see before you.

My timing is my timimg, not yours.”

So it’s not that I can’t do what I have planned but it doesn’t have to be all at once.

I am full time student doing wonderful, started my OWN business and still blogging.

I’ve learned a few things but to tell me I can’t!? I’ll tell you watch God!


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