Where have you been?

So much has happened on the last two months, I didn’t know I was gone for so long.

Having a family member deal with domestic violence, lease is up in June so figuring out where I’ll be living has been exhausting. Which state should I live in? Graduating soon and I am now a Tia’ of two.

Domestic violence effects the entire family. Whether you are the one who it’s happening to, the one who takes them to the hospital or the one for emotional support. No one wants to see any family member go through all that pain or almost lose there lives.

I can say that sucker lucky the cops got to him before I did, this story would’ve ended a little differently. I’m so proud of how baby girl handled herself and that God got her through it a live.

If you know someone or you are in a domestic violence situation, please call 1-800-799-7233 they will help you in any way.

Call 911 for immediate assistant.


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