Staying Home Daughter

Is it a think to be a staying home daughter? I would love to just go to school.

I will sell my car and maintain the house. I’ll even chauffeur my mom around, be her personal assistant.

Working three jobs and midterms almost killed me. When I thought I had my dream job and found out it was a lie, I quit! So I didn’t work for two months and it was lovely. I was a full time baby sitter for my nephews and I spent a lot of time with family.

It paid off a little bit being that I was a head my bills and be able to save but my health is way more important.


So Lord, thank you for THE career that provides more than enough salary to be able to do your wonders and fill my hearts desires. Thank you for the support I have from my mom helping/doing my homework. Thank you for my sis and best friends for cheering me on and praying for me when I couldn’t pray for myself.

To be continued…


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