Carter Jaxon

World, let me introduce my second nephew Carter Jaxon. My little boota-butt, he was a complete surprise. When he was cooking, I wasn’t sure if I had enough love for him and his brother. I loved Chris so much I asked how can this be shared? I didn’t get when a few first time moms I know had this concern but I get it now.

I was scared to hold him when he final arrived. He had Kaylah’s permanent mug face. I didn’t know if he liked me because he didn’t talk to me or smile at me.

I don’t want to go through the phrase where my nephews dislikes me, I’m not ready for that. As he got older, he talks to me all the time. Miles away and he still knows my voice! Chats more to me then his brother and smiles just by looking at me. He truly melts my heart! I can love him just as much as stinka just in there own unique ways

Boota-butt, we fought over your middle name, I found the name Jaxon and immediately fell in love with it. I told your mom if she doesn’t use it for you then I’m taking it for one of my sons.

I love you dearly, you brighten my world and we are so blessed to have you in our lives, the best surprise ever.

Know that Jesus has plans for you babe and I will be holding your hands every step of the way. I pray you complete the mission God assigned to you in your heart and become such a strong man of God.

Your truly, Tia’.


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