26th Birthday

I would call September quality time!

For my birthday month this year, I did not leave the country which I try to do nor did I plan anything for myself.

I started off the month with my Dad and Stepmom eating pizza and recieveing my first gift. My best friend took me out to dinner to catch up on our crazy lives and last minute planned my entire birthday weekend. Literally did it in like two days and we did more than I could even imagine. A moment that will never be forgotten was my best friend from middle school meeting my current best friend. My sister and I sat in Awh as we watched them become friends. It was such a beautiful site to see pieces of my heart becoming one. Some friends can’t and won’t mix with other friends in your life and that’s okay, it happens but thats not the case with them. I had all my babies under one roof. That was truly a moment!

I spent a ton of time with family and took family pictures which was the only thing I honestly wanted for my birthday and received so much more. I told Jesus to plan my birthday this year and let me tell you He showed out!

I also got a chance to meet up with a few old co-workers and we did nothing but sit and talk to each other. Everyone was just speaking my love language. Facebook even reminded me of my late big brother saying happy birthday to me.

I am blessed and highly favored.

Thank you for all the love.


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