Staying Home Daughter/ Tia’

Ask and you shall receive! I moved to Maryland for two weeks and was officially a staying home daughter/Tia’.

A little back story.

The job a recently left had four locations in NY. They allowed me to work at two locations to make full time hours since both positions are part time. I already was considering leaving this job because the amount of money it took for commuting was half my check. I wasn’t making it back fast enough to manage my bills. They called an emergency meeting and said one of the locations is closing down and moving to a way smaller building which means less classes that can be ran and less hours. Now, I barely make it as it is, they did offer for me to go to the other locations to get hours so in total commuting between 4 locations to make up the 30-35 hrs a week.

Same day, my sister’s babysitter decided she didn’t want to watch my nephews any more. It didn’t make sense for two people to struggle and I didn’t start my career for another few weeks. That day I told my job I moving out of the state immediately and drove up that night.

It has been amazing, spending endless time with my boys, mom and sis. Cleaning, cooking and letting them use my car. Not to mention it’s my birthday month and my squad lives in MD. My best friend planned my birthday weekend with my sister and I was able to get family pictures taken. I enjoyed this nice break before a new chapter begins.

I thank God I was able to say I was a staying home daugther/ Tia’. He knew I really wanted to be for a while. That phase is over! Two weeks was great but couldn’t see myself doing it for the long run. I commend the people who do it as a lifestyle.

Matthew 7:7

” Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”

I asked, I recieved, I loved it, I won’t do it for the long run, I have moved on but I can’t say I won’t do it again. Thank you Jesus.

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