5 Jobs in 6 Months

I always say take the job that gives you more until you are at the job that gives you everything. My journey has been just that.

In 6 months of moving to NYC, I have had 5 jobs. They all overlapped, one period I worked two jobs and was finishing out my two weeks notice at the same time. I will never do that again.

Job 1. It was unsafe, the owner decided to throw an object across the room in anger along with unprofessional behavior.

Job 2. Was just to get out of job 1 but had full insurance. They tried it with my schedule putting me on overnight shift when that was not the availability we agreed on.

Job 3. Had more money but I was falling asleep at the wheel coming from overnight shift to day shift, I almost passed out at work.

Job 4. Gave me everything I wanted living my version of the “New York Dream.” I worked Downtown Brooklyn and SoHo Manhattan. The commute was not worth what I was bringing home.

Job 5. Is THE job, great commute, great growth oppurtunites, great benefits, can potentially pay for college and a great company to retire from.

This period has been the hardest on me financially. Thank you family for holding me down. It was a time when a few bank accounts went into the negative, figuring out how I’m getting to work, bills way behind, and my credit dropping. It was so real, my mom prayed that the drug dealers in her community would drop a bag of money on her steps so she could thank Jesus and put blessed oil on it. It’s funny now but we was serious then.

I handled it all with Grace, I didn’t complain much because Jesus pays my bills for He is my provider. Jesus feeds me because He is my provider. I was annoyed that I was in this postion but I knew I wouldn’t be here long. I promised myself I will never be here again and I never have to be.

Matthew 6:26-27

“God is my proveder. I shall not worry.”


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