The Box

I have a theory that has been proven right but I’m going to test it one more time.

When I make friends in a specific environment, that friendship does not last.

Environments can vary from school, church, clubs, work, social events, or even your neighborhood.

For the sake of the story, My specific environment well be called “the Box.” Feel free to fill in your perspective on what “the Box” means to you, read this post twice if need be.

I have a couple wonderful friends that I did not meet in the Box and to this day we have a healthy, unique, completely oppposite to each other kind of relationship. Every person I connected with in varies locations of the Box we no longer speak. All the way back from a young child. NYC Box friendships we grew a part, MD Box friendships… my guys died off and females had a problem of some sort.

My last Box friend ended probably worse than previous ones and I truly thought it was me. I’m not talking about high and bye Box friends. I’m talking about meet up once a month to stay connected and show support, invite to family functions, travel the world, throw graduation parties, and invest time and money in each other.

YOU KNOW WHAT, it is me. Me not accepting the season in each others lives was over. Me holding on when all the red flags was throwing themselves at me. Me placing a seasonal friend in a life time friends spot. Yea, it’s my fault and I forgive myself.

Lord, give me the discernment so that this will not continue to be my story.

I’ve learned that you could have a relationship with someone and they have a completly different one with you. I can look at someone and say they’re like a sibling to me but whole time they talking trash behind my back in disgust of how God made me.

So I checked and looked at the ones currently in my life and I asked a question. Am I a good friend to you?

Now my friend we’ll call Forever, we have been consistently in each others lives for over a decade and our relationship has been understood since way back, that’s my baby. I had to check in with my new new of a few years.

Now, I’ve encountered 4 Box friends and all invested in each other and showed countless vulerable moments. Similiar to new new, the only difference is I meet her in a different environment than the others I speak of in my theory.

She reassured me and left it alone because it wasn’t a question on who we are to each other, the roles we play and the responsibility we have accepted as people to do life with.

Side Note: If you are asking yourself why someone is in your life, take that as a warning.

Proverbs 18:24

“One who had unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

I am blessed to have the few in my life who already know there role in my wedding as well as my children’s life. I pray for the discernment and wisdom in all that We do, In Jesus Name Amen.


2 responses to “The Box”

  1. Asantee , reading your post it’s like dejavu. I often wonder is this the part that this family has to walk? Is this the part that was chosen for us? Too often I hear members of my family voicing the same words about trusting so deeply and being disappointed with the end result. I don’t have the answer because I too experience similar situations. What I can say is that u trust in God , I believe he will show you what has to be done. So long as your conscience is clear, u will do fine. As Christians we are tested daily hence I will always ask the question , is this the road I have to walk?


  2. Blessed to hear this message thank you


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