Last Wednesday of the year

This year, the holidays have not been easy for me. Still adjusting to my new surroundings, its been a struggle.

I had to tell myself it’s okay, I had to give myself time to feel the emotions that I was feeling but I didn’t allow myself to stay there more than 24hrs.

I had to pray that God got me out of this funk that I felt trapped in.

I was looking for my loved ones to help me out of my moments. Expecting them to talk me down. I even got livid when one didn’t even check up on me. Then I realized only I can do that with of course help from Jesus.

I had to wipe my own tears, be at peace with where I am because tomorrow is not promised. I know families who are without, I consider myself blessed.

Getting into a car accident forced me to sit still.

It forced me to sit with God!

I found myself asking what is God trying to tell me? What is He trying to show me that I wasn’t getting?

Here it is.

This being the last post of the year and Christmas, remember to love yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Go easy on yourself.

Believe and trust in yourself.

No one else can love you the way you love you.

Cherish the moments with your loved ones.

I thank God for your life, you are amazing.

I pray blessings, favor and mercy on your life. In Jesus Name Amen.

Happy Holidays


5 responses to “Last Wednesday of the year”

  1. I’m always here Asantee, I hope that you find the peace and the happiness that u deserve. I know that Jesus is always there for you and so am I. Don’t stay away , . Merry Christmas to you and may God continue to bless you

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    1. Merry Christmas, thank you


  2. GC I hope you are doing better mentally as well as physically. I am always here for you to listen as well as a shoulder to lean or cry on. Love you much , G Pops🙏🏿🖤

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    1. I am better pops, thank you. Love you too


  3. Time is promised to no one! You are correct about that . Just remember that no matter what you are going through song and dance will help no matter what . When I feel down I listen
    To this song .

    Merry Christmas and happy new year .

    Continue to express your feeling through words the best way you know how . This will help you get through the emotions and be able to sort them and organize them.

    Love you San,


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