His Sweet Aroma

Once upon a time, back when outside was open Asantee went to get massages periodically. As she reminisce on the memories of how therapeutic massages are, she remembers a moment she had with God.

While massages releases knots in your body physically, it can also release a lot spiritually. This massage was so amazing I cried after and went to buy pizza.

I asked God what smells good to Him, like the smell of pineapple pizza to me. He said, “flowers.” I asked what kind?

Then He explains to me…

Flowers start from a seed placed into the ground, into fresh soil that requires sun, water, wind and a gardener to bloom. When we as His children walk in our propose spreading the word, we are planting seeds ( the word of God ) into others ( fresh soil ). Now that the seed is planted, the sun is The Bible because it shines light on things. The water is the worship because when you praise it quenches the thirst of what was a drought. It allows what you lack in faith be filled up with solid confirmation. The wind is the walk, the footsteps you take to be a better person, the walk you take on this path to righteousness. The gardener is the prayers to maintain the soil and remove the wheat. That can look like praying for healing, for protection, for direction even for mercy.

The flowers that bloom from the seed are the sweet aroma He loves. Seeing His children walk in there purpose, loving one another, helping others not go through what they went through, bragging about the wonders of the Lord is what God admires. It melts His heart just like your favorite dish. It gets Him excited like when your parents or grandparents tells you your favorite food is ready. He celebrates like a gathering at Thanksgiving dinner right before everyone eats and is satisfied just like we are after the food is all gone.

Together we could be the largest garden in the lands. We are God’s favorite aroma.

Mark 4:13-20 NIV

Then Jesus said to his followers, “Don’t you understand this story? If you don’t, how will you understand any story? The farmer is like a person who plants God’s message in people. Sometimes the teaching falls on the road. This is like the people who hear the teaching of God, but Satan quickly comes and takes away the teaching that was planted in them. Others are like the seed planted on rocky ground. They hear the teaching and quickly accept it with joy. But since they don’t allow the teaching to go deep into their lives, they keep it only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the teaching they accepted, they quickly give up. Others are like the seed planted among the thorny weeds. They hear the teaching, but the worries of this life, the temptation of wealth, and many other evil desires keep the teaching from growing and producing fruit in their lives. Others are like the seed planted in the good ground. They hear the teaching and accept it. Then they grow and produce fruit—sometimes thirty times more, sometimes sixty times more, and sometimes a hundred times more.”


2 responses to “His Sweet Aroma”

  1. I’m a purple flower with a purple butterfly on it for HIM.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you are!! With glitter from the spring drizzle and the sun shinning just right on you. 🥰


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