My Momma told me…

“My Momma told me to tell you…”

Mom always said be better than her and my Dad in everything I do.

My mom taught me we define what family is and who our family is. She taught me, we allow what we want and get rid of what we don’t want. Momma taught me we owe no one. Momma showed me it doesn’t matter how long it takes, go get it. She continues to set the bar high from college degrees and on.

My Dad showed me the importance of family. He showed me the value of having a marriage and kids in one household. He has shown me to fight now for the life I want later. He showed me and proved with action that men can change for the better for who they love.

Their lack and or their accomplishments set the standards for me. Whether they know it or not, traditions are forming with them that I intent to continue…

A few favorite traditions with Mommy is she makes hot chocolate for me after shoveling snow off the cars and take family pictures once a year. Christmas Day we have a big breakfast and watch Christmas movies in the living room with white hot chocolate until we all fall asleep. Friday night is pizza and movie night, saturday is clean and mommy daughters time.

My Father, A names are the first born son and daughters name. My oldest brothers name started with the letter A, Anderson and I, Asantee. His name and older sisters name starts with the letter A. My first born son and daughter, which names are already picked out (sorry not sorry Husband ) starts with A’s. I travel out of the country every year for my birthday because my Dad started that tradition with me.

I could only take their life lessons along with my journey, acknowledging what worked and do better. I pray my children go further than my Husband and I do.

Going forward, I will take all that I learn from both parents and continue to be amazing.

What are things your parents taught you? How do you use it today?


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