5 Challenges and Joys of writing a book

July 2020, my first book will be launched.

Title: Syllabus- 90 Day Devotional on Self-Improvement

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This book will bring awareness to things you should celebrate and or things you should work on. It includes reflection questions and it has my reflection answers so you will learn a little bit about me as well. This book has drawings to color, poems and many more.

It took me about three years to finish this book.

I had moments when I would stop writing for a period of time being discouraged.

I was almost finished this book three times and I would scratch it and start over.

A few challenges I faced:

1. Not making my personal deadlines.

Deadlines did not work for me. I would plan accordingly with breaking down how much to write a day, how much to write an hour etc. That method was a no go, then I tried to be done in 8 months, no go. My last go round I lifted the deadline and just finished it, I made it a priority to work on it everyday. I am not in anyone’s race but my own, as long as I make it to the finish line.

2. Life happens

Having a plan is great, a timeline, that’s wonder. What’s the rewarding part is sticking to it. Life happens and sometimes it can be hard to bounce back into focus. For me, it took a while to get back in the groove of things when life took an unexpected turn. I had to remind myself why I started writing in the first place.

3. Hard on myself.

You are your biggest critic. Me, I am my worst critic, I nitpick at everything and then go back and second guess myself. That made this journey a lot longer, changing something every minute instead of letting it flow and leaving it alone.

4. Questioning how much I want to share.

This is a devotional with reflection questions. This made me have to deal with things I did not really want to talk about or something that I did not want to deal with. I questioned which story to tell? How detailed do I want to tell it? Then I decided to give you all all that I have, that made it easier for me to face my own problems.

5. Writing a book demands patience.

Writing a book process is all about patience. Patience with yourself, editing process, buying process and marketing process just to name a few. ALL requires you to have patience.

Let’s talk about it.

Yourself- You learn as you go, you realize things as you go, you can not be hard on yourself if things does not turn out the way you hoped.

Editing- it takes time for you to edit your book, it takes time for a hired editor to edit your book. I wanted my book back in two weeks which is so not realistic with a professional editor. In the course of three years, I’ve hard three editors.

Buying process- are you doing enough to get people to buy? Should you self-publish or go through a publishing company? How much should you sell it for? What platform should you sell it on? I decided to use Amazon to self publish my book. This takes time to research to make a sound decision. You don’t want to overcharge or undercharge.

Marketing Process- are you doing enough on social media? Are you reaching out to people directly? Are you reaching out to local bookstores? Understanding that some people may not respond but know they read it. It may be a headache getting in touch with bookstores but you put effort towards it.

A few joys:

1. I am a Author.

I am a Author! Asantee.A.E is an Author. Do I have to example?

2. Will out live me.

My books will be needed in many lives in different times and different seasons. Dr. Myles Monroe for example, he passed away many years now. I just learned about him maybe four years ago. His videos and books where written decades ago and I still learn so much from him.

3. Setting goals for my seeds.

I written in my previous post “My Momma Said…” talking about my moms desire for me to do better than my parents. I want that for my seeds as well, which includes my kids and nephews. I am setting the bar to beat.

4. One less thing off my bucket list that was not on my bucket list.

I never thought I could be a writer. Then I told myself “Why Not?” That’s when it was added on to the list of things to accomplish and boom look at me now.

5. Helping others.

If your story can help one person and that person can help another person, then you my friend have succeeded. I speak on many highs and lows in this book and talk about how I got through it. If that helps a hand full of people not have to go through certain things the hard way, then my mission is complete.

The big launch will be July 2020!

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