Syllabus: 90 Day Devotional on Self-Improvement will be available July 27th, 2020 on Amazon

I expected…

That’s my problem, I expected.

I expected to be loved the way I loved you.

I expected to be fought for like I’ve fought for you.

I expected for you to be the bigger person because I was the bigger person for so long.

I expected you to support me like I support you.

I expected you to call me first because I did for years.

I expected you to build us up like you’re building up the next.

Are you only good for money, no because you don’t have that either.

I expected less of the old you and more of the new you,

does the new you exist or is it just the old you with a new mask.

I expected you to call me so I could tell you in person.

I expected you to answer me to talk things out instead of writing a blog about it.

I expected you to be…

I forgive myself for expecting.

Then God says to me…

“Am I not your Father?

Am I not enough?

You lack nothing because of who I am.

You have and had all that you need.

At this point it is worldly things your flesh craves.

But you are full in me, your heart longs for nothing.

So do not cry over spilled milk.

Continue to be my child.

Expect more from me.

Expect me to show up and show out.

Expect me to love you more than he loved you.

Expect me to fight for you more than he has fought for you.

I will never disappoint.”


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