Are we close?

I thought we were close.

Have you ever been in a friendship or relationship and feel like you were with them but they werent with you? Like he/she was your friend but you a stranger to them?

You sit back and think, I thought we were close?

Yea, tragic!

Close can mean so many things, you could be close by blood, mentally, physically, emotionally or by surroundings.

I thought we were close.

A bridge can symbolize a relationship, each person at the opposite ends. What puts the bridge together is love, quality time, investment, sacrifices, communication etc.

I was holding on to someone who didn’t want to hold on to me. I was holding on for dear life.

Holding up my half of the bridge praying he would eventually meet me half way. He would start building but never finished.

If I kept holding on to that bridge, I was going to fall with it.

This could look like being unequally yoked, toxic relationships, parental relationships, friendships and family.

This may not only happen to you but your kids, your best friends, your brothers and sisters.

So what did you do?

Im glad you asked… I had to release my hands and let the bridge fall.

I had to drop my expectations, I believed he and I were better than this, I believed he and I were closer than this.

This was no easy task, I cried a couple nights. I have experience death in a form of someone leaving this earth. But death in the form of a cut off relationship and still breathing hurts more.

But what was at risk? I was, my well being, my sanity!

They sleep well at night and so will I.

I speak on how I dealt with relationships, friends and family in my book Syllabus: Self- Improvement, a 90 Day Devotional.

I’m giving you the tea!

Available on Amazon July 27th, 2020.

Ecclesiastes 3:6

“a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away,”


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