10 Things to Expect from my book, Syllabus: Self-Improvement

YOur favorite author

Syllabus : Self-Improvement is a workbook in a form of a 90 Day Devotional that will bring awareness to yourself. With each subject, it will reveal things that you have overcame and need to celebrate and or things you still need to work on. This book is not your typical devotional as shown below.

  1. Reflection questions– you will be asked a questions related to the topic, space will be provided below to answer.
  2. My reflection response- I walked the walk, I did the devotional with you to let you know you are not by yourself on this journey. With my reflection response you will learn a little about myself and the obstacles God brought me through.
  3. Celebrate the wins- You are going to realize a lot of accomplishment that you have achieved and didn’t know until you wrote it down. Celebrate and reward yourself for each and every growth.
  4. Improvements- We are not perfect and there is always room for growth. You are going to come across days where you would say to yourself I know I need to do better with this one because I am not all the way right.
  5. Scripture– The Scripture of the day will show you what God had to say about the subject.
  6. Prayer– Putting in your request for correction and praise for the victories.
  7. Crossword puzzles– Will force you to do a little research in the bible. Knowledge is power.
  8. Word search puzzles– to add a little fun and educate on the specific topic of the day.
  9. Poems one by Richard Cole– another form of expressing the wonders of the King
  10. Drawings to color by Justine Diegel– Adult coloring is always something to enjoy.

I want to here your testimonies and provide in dept tools to work through every subject of this book. Stay Tune for First Day in Class session where we will be going over the Syllabus.

For now, purchase your book HERE.

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