Pizza is my friend, diet where?

Syllabus, Self- Improvement Book Series

Diet 101

Have you ever? 

Do you have your favorite food you just can’t live without, but it’s not good for you? Have you tried a different diet and noticed no results? Have you done all the detox tea in the world and still couldn’t keep the weight down? How about trying to gain the right amount of weight? (God fat as some may need.) After years of trial and error, I didn’t make this a new diet if I launched a better eating habit for myself. 


Without being on a diet, I feel fat, bloated, subconscious about how I look. I was tired, heavy, and annoyed with meal prepping. I am frustrated with myself for not taking care of me the way I should have taken care of it. 

With a diet, I feel alive, energized, and happy. I try to change my way of thinking to not just a diet, but a change in lifestyle. 

To learn more about how to improve in self-love, you can purchase my book on Amazon, written by Asantee A.E. Mitchell. The title of the book is, ‘Syllabus, Self-Improvement Diet 101.’

Picture This…

I love pizza! I used to get free pizza from Papa John’s almost every two weeks because I would receive their reward points so fast. It used to be so bad and hard to stop. I had to gradually stop ordering so often. If I purchased pizza four times a week, I would cut back to three times a week for another two weeks. Eventually, I got it down to once a month. Now, I love pizza, so it was not completely cut out of my diet, but they say too much of anything is bad for you. While I cut back, I also picked up cooking lunch instead of eating out. I started making salads and fruit salads instead of just straight fast food. You can read step-by-step on how I changed my eating habits in my book. 

To learn more about how to have a good diet, you can purchase my book on Amazon, written by Asantee A.E. Mitchell. The title of the book is, ‘Syllabus, Self-Improvement Diet 101.’ 


Matthew 6:25

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” (NIV)


Lord, thank you for saving me from me. Thank you for getting this vessel right even though it is so hard not to buy pineapple pizza. I pray you continue to keep me strong and fight the urges because this is helping me save money too. In Jesus name, Amen.


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