It’s a hit or miss with time management.

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Dear friend, it’s Monday and that means it’s teatime. 

Have you ever felt like you could not figure out how to spend time with your family, spouse, friends, your 9-5, plus work on your business, school, and yourself? Like something goes without, or you lack in a certain area? I have experienced this, and it took me years to get to where I am now. Every year, something new was added right after I had a good grip on what was in front of me. 


With no time management, I failed a semester and was suspended. I was working two jobs and had an internship, while taking five classes. Around this time, my first nephew was born, and we were helping raise him. I was all over the place, and it eventually caught up with me. All of that busyness pushed me back in school and I had to drop what I loved to do the most – which was production. 

Me with time management, I feel satisfied when I go over my day and realize all that I have accomplished makes me so proud. This came from mapping out my month-to-week, based on the time it took to achieve it. It will help determine on a day-to-day basis what can be done, and it is working wonderfully. It took me years to get to this place I am in now. 

Picture this… 

 At one point, I was working three jobs. I was a Sales Manager at Massage Envy, working full-time. My “free” time was spent working part-time at Rite Aid overnight, then at Amazon warehouse from 11 PM – 5 AM. Some days at least two of my jobs overlapped, and boy was it hard! I would leave Amazon at 5 AM, sleep in my car in the parking lot of Massage Envy and arrive at work for my shift at 8 AM- 2 PM. Later that evening, I would have to be at Amazon by 11 PM. I never knew sleeping in the daytime was that hard. I would be dog tired, but could not fall asleep. My room would be completely dark and I wanted to knock out till about 8 PM, but I would only get two hours of sleep. On top of this, I was taking a class and marketing a client. I was not managing my time well. I missed so many family functions, birthdays, and dinners with friends because I had financial goals to meet. I had to get out of working in one of these toxic job environments! It got to the point where I almost ended up in the hospital because I almost passed out at Amazon, and almost fell asleep while driving in-between jobs. I was “dancing” with my car on the road, zig-zagging in between lanes.  

So, I quit Amazon and Massage Envy and got by until I got hired at the hospital, where I currently work. I took a major pay cut just for my sanity. I was able to pass all my classes spent time together with friends and family. This book will help you not make the same mistakes I did. 

I plan to do a lot of things differently with myself and implementing better time management is on the top of the list. This year, I plan to spend my time wisely. I’ve noticed that when I feel discouraged or discombobulated, I literally do nothing. I have also struggled with balancing family time, relationships, work, school, and having a social life. I will be able to not only slay my goals, but I’ll have an enjoyable life at the same time. Finally! 

One thing I noticed last year was that if I did not make my bed first thing in the morning, I was not going to have a good day. It is a fact that millionaires make up their bed every single morning. When I come home and see a clean room and neat bed, it just makes me feel like I accomplished something. It’s a complete breath of fresh air. I can physically see one thing was accomplished today. 

Making your bed every morning increases productivity, reduces stress levels, develops good habits, and gives off a sense of accomplishment. 

To learn more about how I improved my time management, you can purchase my book on Amazon, written by Asantee A.E. Mitchell. The title is, ‘Syllabus, Self-Improvement Time Management 101.’ 


Proverbs 16:9 A person plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.


Lord, you are the best manager of time. You created the world and every moving thing in it in six days. You even had time to rest. Place due diligence in me and the ability to use every second wisely, In Jesus Name, Amen. 


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