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Fellow Blogger: Richard Cole

Not only is Richard a blogger, he is also a published poet. His poem rest in my book “Syllabus: Self-Improvement.” You can purchase yours HERE. The Lack of Emotional Intelligence What Is Emotional Intelligence? The dictionary defines Emotional Intelligence, or EI is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and … The LackContinue reading “Fellow Blogger: Richard Cole”

Self-Published Author

My first self-published book is now live on Amazon. How do you feel? I feel excited because it was something I have been trying to complete for a few years now. I feel nervous because I am spilling some tea about myself, being vulnerable with the world with things that God brought me through. IContinue reading “Self-Published Author”

Are we close?

I thought we were close. Have you ever been in a friendship or relationship and feel like you were with them but they werent with you? Like he/she was your friend but you a stranger to them? You sit back and think, I thought we were close? Yea, tragic! Close can mean so many things,Continue reading “Are we close?”


Syllabus: 90 Day Devotional on Self-Improvement will be available July 27th, 2020 on Amazon I expected… That’s my problem, I expected. I expected to be loved the way I loved you. I expected to be fought for like I’ve fought for you. I expected for you to be the bigger person because I was theContinue reading “Expectation”


My Virtual Gradation is tomorrow! And I could not be more proud of myself. I’m officially a graduate. Ya me! Not only did I graduate from college with a Marketing Degree but in almost all aspects of my life. Blogger/Vlogger – Author Working Class – Entrepreneur College Students – Graduate Pizza every week – PizzaContinue reading “Graduated”

His Sweet Aroma

Once upon a time, back when outside was open Asantee went to get massages periodically. As she reminisce on the memories of how therapeutic massages are, she remembers a moment she had with God.

Be a vessel!

I was looking at this job all wrong. I had crazy moments already, I’ve cried, almost threw up, checked a few PCA’s and then some. I came home minding my business and God said you’re looking at it wrong.

The Box

I have a theory that has been proven right but I’m going to test it one more time.

5 Jobs in 6 Months

I always say take the job that gives you more until you are at the job that gives you everything. My journey has been just that.

Carter Jaxon

World, let me introduce my second nephew Carter Jaxon. My little boota-butt, he was a complete surprise. When he was cooking, I wasn’t sure if I had enough love for him and his brother. I loved Chris so much I asked how can this be shared? I didn’t get when a few first time momsContinue reading “Carter Jaxon”

New York City

Moving back to NYC has been such a great decision but I miss my peoples. I’m so use to coming home to my boys and sitting with my mom and sister talking about our days. No matter where I was working and what time I came home they waited for me. I have been throughContinue reading “New York City”

21 Days

For 21 Days I will be off all personal social media accounts and no tv. I will pick up more books and focus more on self care. I want to see the difference this will have on my life. I will document my journey and keep you guys updated. Maybe you should try it too.

New Job Who This

I was nervous about taking this new job. Leaving a set pay to rely on my performance is different but the opportunity is out of this world.

One of My Kind

For years I felt like I never fit in. Not in the sense of no one likes me but no one like me. Starting from running track at the age of 5, I was the only one who ran long distance. To groups in church, I was the oldest. In networking events I was theContinue reading “One of My Kind”

What am I doing!?

I will sit for hours watching someone else success story on social media or YouTube but don’t take the time to work on my own. Why is that? Kinda the same with watching sermons on YouTube, which I do often and nothing is wrong with that but… why not learn for myself by reading theContinue reading “What am I doing!?”

Calling All Poets

I am launching a book by the end of the year, but I need your help. Syllabus is a two part book 90 Day Devotional, the first book is the study book and the second is the work book. It will have reflection questions, crossword puzzles, word search and many more surprises. I am lookingContinue reading “Calling All Poets”

Christopher Jaedon

Let me tell you about Christopher Jaedon, the son of Kaylah. Christopher is my nephew and I his Tia’.When Christopher was cooking, he grew to have a lot of “Aunties.” Of course me wanting to be different I said naw he’ll never know who his real Aunties are for he has three actual blood Aunties.Continue reading “Christopher Jaedon”


Sis told me I’m in the nationals preparing to run the 800 meter race and better not jump the gun. Going through this feeling of not wanting to work for man anymore, be in my career, graduated with multiply degrees gets frustrating because I’m not there right now. It makes me not want to doContinue reading “Sis”

Don’t just accept what is given but wait for what is promised.

Peace, joy and love be with you throughout your day.

“When you do nothing, it leads to something.” -Christopher Robin


Don’t prepare for the season you’re in now. ~Asantee~

Are you in or out?

When I was younger, I use to run long distance in track and field and cross country. Cross country is different but was a pretty cool experience. Looking back at that adventure made me realize some things now in my life. My family was there from the beginning during my race,  three different stages ofContinue reading “Are you in or out?”

June 25th

June 25th is my oldest brothers birthday. And honestly I forgot. I knew that date meant something to me, like an internal alarm clock set yearly. It wasn’t until the end of my day when I realized. Big bro would’ve been 28, 7 years without him. So I asked myself, how could I forget suchContinue reading “June 25th”

September 16

September 16 was the day I was born. I do thank my mom for choosing to give me life. Having me while in college is a bold decision. My mother stayed strong and a raised a one of a kind Queen. I gave this woman hell growing up but she still took that nail andContinue reading “September 16”

“Calling me at 12:47 at night, while I’m watching the fight, looking at my phone it’s no name in sight…”

So who hit my phone? My best friend, she wanted to tell me about how her day went and I had a story to tell her about my future husband. Her name was not in sight because I don’t call her by her birth name and she has emojis to represent who she is toContinue reading ““Calling me at 12:47 at night, while I’m watching the fight, looking at my phone it’s no name in sight…””

Church Hurt ! You won’t believe who hit my phone after my first post…

Thank you for all who participated… Continuing from our post last week, I asked what do you think happened after I went to the bathroom to clear my head. Some people said… “Smack the Holy Ghost out of them, I’m too nice to go off so I said congratulations and walked away, told them theyContinue reading “Church Hurt ! You won’t believe who hit my phone after my first post…”

Church Hurt

I could not sleep the other day, literally stayed up until 4 am writing. Let me tell you this story. I love to dance, miming is one of my many passions. I’ve done all types of dancing but haven’t in awhile and wanted to get back into it. I asked the dance leader if IContinue reading “Church Hurt”

Reset my program

The other night I realized something, I was shown that I’m thirsty. Thirsty for the Lord. I felt the need to reset myself. God gave me an image of when your phone starts acting up and you reset it, or if you changed a setting and you didn’t like it, you press that button thatContinue reading “Reset my program”


I was doing my devotional one morning. Luke 21:19. “Stand firm, and you will win life.” I read the whole chapter to get the main idea of this verse and then prayed about it. I prayed that God stand with me in Him because I could stand firm with Him and not know what thatContinue reading “Devotional”


I was preforming a dance in church the other Sunday and it is required to take off all jewelry. I have a bracelet that was giving to me for my birthday made out of Trinidad gold that has my name engraved in it. I never take that off. Some times I forget I have itContinue reading “Dancing”

The Book

I received a lot of gifts for my birthday. My favorite one was a book, just a normal cute journal like book. Who it was from gave it value. I only knew shortie for five months through work. A little back story, I have been hurt from a friendship where I became vulnerable  and openedContinue reading “The Book”

News flash

The other day, I was talking to my coworker about me getting sleepy. I told her a story about how my sister heard me snoring even with the door closed, she thought it was my mom but nope, it was me, mom told her that I was really tired. My coworker laughs and says that’sContinue reading “News flash”

That one friend

I’m excited  to write about this. I do not know what God is doing but uh, He popping. So all my really true best friends I’ve ever had are coming back into my life. My elementary best friend never left, 7th grade best friend is my heart, 8th grade best friend is my personal trainer,Continue reading “That one friend”

Councilman Pete Smith

The day I interviewed Councilman Pete Smith, everything that could possible go wrong, went wrong! I had a section set out for the interview in a public area. A family of 3 toddlers and a new born decided to sit next to me. The second spot was great but it was right under the speakers,Continue reading “Councilman Pete Smith”

My Big baby

They say surround yourself with like minded people. Be around people who want to see you win and don’t be the smartest person in the room. I can say that I am! See I thought the only way that was true was if it came in the form of the people you see everyday, bestContinue reading “My Big baby”

Vacation time 

Sssooo I’m going on a well needed vacation, I will see y’all when I see y’all. Just be ready when I get back, I’ll be dropping some juicy interviews.

Verse of the Day

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2

Prison and the Palace

I watched a YouTube video by Sarah Jakes Roberts called “Prison and the Palace.” “Don’t let your pride get in the way of your breakthrough.” “Make the prison your palace. You are the Palace.” “A divine purpose bigger than my issues, bigger than my hurt.” For more video information comment below. About 5 lessons cameContinue reading “Prison and the Palace”

Quote of the Day

“Perhaps we throw stones too soon and speak love too late.” -Sarah Jakes Roberts 

Aunty Club

I apologize for my absence, but I am an Aunty now. What an honor to have such a role. Things will be back to normal this coming Monday. Until then, let’s welcome Baby Christopher. 

Verse of the Day

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Dear Husband,

Dear Husband,  As of today, I am a mess. I can’t cook yet, my house is not always clean. I’m improving on time management. My hair may be a mess some days. If an opportunity comes, I may throw some sweats on and a hoodie with my hair still braided up and run to Walmart.Continue reading “Dear Husband,”

Daddy Issues.

In church, we talked about Gentleness. How you should treat people with care.  “Gentleness is for fragile people. Sorry doesn’t help fragile people because you didn’t break them. Because you didn’t break them, you can’t fix them. Some people are broken when they come into our lives.” Now this is just a very brief partContinue reading “Daddy Issues.”

Is it to early in the semester to have a mental break down?

So I had a mini mental break down yesterday.  With school starting, trying to get ahead with my blog, doing interviews and preparing for future ideas. Planning a baby shower and getting prepared to welcome my nephew into this world. Working, jungle internships and work study. Learning to be a better me everyday, a strongerContinue reading “Is it to early in the semester to have a mental break down?”

Matthew 6:33-34

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble if it’s own.

Uncle support…

“As an entrepreneur, you have no days off. Everyday is an opportunity to grow. You have a good idea so far but don’t do try to be your own hero. Ask for help if you need it to, keep going.”  -Kadeem Mitchell

1st of my last

1st day of my last lap in college.  Transferring too many times during my journey pushed me back when I moved to Baltimore from New York City. With colleges robbing me from my degree, to life just happening in general.  I can final say I am almost done.  Done in a way I didn’t seeContinue reading “1st of my last”

Story Time

I have a routine where I watch a sermon at night, every night. Sometimes mornings depending on how I feel.  If I’m in the mood to worship or am I hungry for something. I call it virtually cheating on my church lol. Every season of my life, I pretty much stalk a pastor. (In theContinue reading “Story Time”

Verse of the Day 

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Let us pray !

Lord, I thank you for this morning. For waking us up to be able to witness another miracle you prescheduled in our lives.   I pray you bring peace and healing to your children.  From all that is happening politically, emotionally, physically, mentally and socially. I ask that in all we do, we feel you wrapContinue reading “Let us pray !”

“Girl, if you don’t go out on a date with him and get that free food.”

Dating- go out with. My version of dating- going on dates to get to know someone. Some people version of dating- being together, in a relationship. I have learned to enjoy just dating. No, not for the free food, or the free adventures.  But because I literally learn something new about me. It can beContinue reading ““Girl, if you don’t go out on a date with him and get that free food.””

Dear Dj Dev

Dear Dj Dev,      Thank you for being you. It’s crazy how I don’t know you but yet so thankful for your heart. Your heart for others. Planning that awesome weekend back in July was phenomenal.      My original plans some how got canceled that day and it wouldn’t have been right ifContinue reading “Dear Dj Dev”

Shop Unsaid Outfit

“This gourmet makes me feel like I can conquer the world. That’s how I want my clients to feel. I want them to feel confident with what they wear from Shop Unsaid.” -Simone Solomon

Shop Unsaid Halo

“God has blessed me tremendously tremendously tremendously… let me leave it at that.” -Simone Solomon “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

Shop Unsaid Sunglasses

Simone Solomon is the CEO of shop_unsaid. An online store where you can get outfits, accessories and hair. She makes shopping so easy! These sunglasses are available in a few different colors. Get it before she sells out. “Shopunsaid.bigcartel.com” Fun Fact- Simone was born and raised from Queens NY.  “Queens in the building, Queens getsContinue reading “Shop Unsaid Sunglasses”

Story Time 

About a month ago, I went to the beach. A quick getaway.  When I suffered from depression, the sound of the ocean waves were the only thing that could put me to sleep. I am celebrating 3 years of dileverance from depression, thank you Jesus. It’s a lovely place to be and to clear yourContinue reading “Story Time “

Think about it

God can’t trust you with a house if you can’t keep your apartment clean.  “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10

Think about it 

God can’t trust you with a managers position if you not doing your best as an associate.  “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10

My letter

My brother has been forever a touchy subject. It was to the point where I had it rehearsed when people asked what happen to him? How did he pass?  Making that post was not easy. I literally fought with God with sharing something that was nobodies business. Who am I to tell God no? WhoContinue reading “My letter”

Lyrics of the day

Oh, how He loves me Oh, how He loves me Oh, how He loves Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree  Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory And I realize just how beautiful you are And howContinue reading “Lyrics of the day”

Story Time

So I was doing my clients hair. She requested that I do the crochet individual faux locs, which I’ve never done before. Before I agree to anything, I do intensive research on different ways to accomplish a goal. Looking in how to do something is completely different from actually doing it.  I tried at leastContinue reading “Story Time”

Dear viewers

I love what I do. I live for this. I just recently hit 65 views and about 10 of them was literally me trying to look at my blog from the consumers point of view lol. Still big that within a few days I legit hit about 50 views on my blog. I’m thankful forContinue reading “Dear viewers”

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