Loving you is the best love for you !

Syllabus, Self-Improvement Book Series Self-Love 101 Have you ever? Have you ever got upset that someone was not loving you the way you wanted to be loved? Have you expected someone to understand the way you receive love? How frustrating it must be, because it feels like no one gets you. You would go above and beyond for someone,Continue reading “Loving you is the best love for you !”

Fellow Blogger: Richard Cole

Not only is Richard a blogger, he is also a published poet. His poem rest in my book “Syllabus: Self-Improvement.” You can purchase yours HERE. The Lack of Emotional Intelligence What Is Emotional Intelligence? The dictionary defines Emotional Intelligence, or EI is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and … The LackContinue reading “Fellow Blogger: Richard Cole”

10 Things to Expect from my book, Syllabus: Self-Improvement

YOur favorite author Syllabus : Self-Improvement is a workbook in a form of a 90 Day Devotional that will bring awareness to yourself. With each subject, it will reveal things that you have overcame and need to celebrate and or things you still need to work on. This book is not your typical devotional asContinue reading “10 Things to Expect from my book, Syllabus: Self-Improvement”