Can this be too much ?

I started to become a little discouraged. 

I was researching on how to gain more followers, how a blog should be, what it should look like and how to brand myself. I got so overwhelmed.

All of this is important but is it important to God? Is it what He wants my focus to be on right now?

He just wants me to continue to keep moving closer to Him. Everything else will be added on to me with directions and a how to manual because He is the maker. 

A few things I’ve learned:

1. Give it back to Him.

He blesses us with a gift, give it back to Him so His will be done.

2. Stop talking to people

I personally had to stop telling people I’m happy. People’s face may show kindness and excitement but hearts hold hate or jealousy. Don’t speak before you move. It’s nobodies business.

3. Get a friend.

I’m not just talking about any friend, I mean a friend you can call on when you won 1st place in a Bingo contest to graduating. A friend you can call when you can’t pray for yourself or feeling discouraged. Someone who will actually answers the phone.

4. Be a friend.

Give that back in return.

Once I’m interested in something, I’m in it and literally no stopping me. I have to be in it with God 1st. If not I will burn out and have a breakdown like I have before. Thanks to my bro/friend for always giving me encouraging words. 

God won’t give you more that what you can handle. He won’t give you a mission if He knew He couldn’t trust you with it. 

Do you have a friend?


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