Dear Dj Dev

Dear Dj Dev,

     Thank you for being you. It’s crazy how I don’t know you but yet so thankful for your heart. Your heart for others. Planning that awesome weekend back in July was phenomenal. 

    My original plans some how got canceled that day and it wouldn’t have been right if I didn’t take that opportunity to help out. Small business cookout? Who would miss that?

    You allowing me to interview people there was an honor. With the start of my blog being so fresh, I had nothing prepared and no equipment. You pushed me to go out and get business cards and my gold mic. If it wasn’t a need I probably would have taken months to get anything.

      You allowed me to practice my craft. I made a lot of good mistakes that day. Could you believe one of my interviews I didn’t turn the mic on. A good 5 minute interview and no sound. Ashley witnessed that tragic mess. I just couldn’t believe that. But uh never again. 

   Your yes opened my eyes to what can be possible and how far this passion can go. So I thank you. I pray God bless you and everything you put your hands on in Jesus name Amen. Can’t wait for the next event.




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