September 16

September 16 was the day I was born. I do thank my mom for choosing to give me life. Having me while in college is a bold decision.

My mother stayed strong and a raised a one of a kind Queen. I gave this woman hell growing up but she still took that nail and hammer and continued to chizzle away molding me to be who I am today.

Oh my sister, the one who may act the oldest at times. This girl right here is something special, my guardian angel. It wasn’t always perfect but now it is perfect in heaven and so it shall be on earth.

Matthew 6:10. “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

I celebrate the month of September, not just my birth-day. I got this from my grandma Janet. I started this when I was 18 and have successfully accomplished a month celebration since.

Last year was different, last year was probably the most selfless birthday month ever.

Now, I get what I want all the time, by the Grace of God. He’s fills my every desire, it’s just magnified in September. Every weekend for my birthday I eat something I never ate, go somewhere I’ve never gone, do something I’ve never done and always find a large amount of time to relax my mind and be completely alone with God.

For a long time, I haven’t celebrated the actually day of my birthday with my immediate family because I was always away in a different state or country. Last year I went to a party the day before the 16th that was not all about me, a wedding the day of, and spoiled my mom and sister.

It felt great!

I’m not promising this will happen every bday but it’s not bad to change things up a bit. Something different to add to my tradition, maybe something for others in the community. Who knows? My birthday this year I’ll be traveling to four countries just for the fact that it’ll be a big year for me.

Join the club, birthday challenge.


  1. Do something adventurist, something you’ve never done before.
  2. Travel somewhere you’ve never gone.
  3. Try a new dish.
  4. Find some quiet time to yourself.

Which all can be done free, in other words someone else loves you so much that they will pay for it. Ask and you shall receive. Matthew 7:7

After doing this, leave your story below. What are you doing for your birthday month?

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