Coach Charles always said “Catch One”

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I was never the fastest athlete in Track and Field, last place was my place. You know the person who gets lapped a few times running the 3000, that was me. Coach Charles, my track Dad who adopted my sister and I, went above and beyond for us. It wasn’t easy for my Mother to be a single mom working crazy hours and try to get is to all our extra curriculum activities.

One season, we moved to Cecil County from Harford County and Coach Charles would pick us up FROM Port Deposit to take us to practice in Edgewood. During track meets we where climbing in Crysten’s bed at 4 am if we weren’t sleeping on her floor from Friday night.

Recently AJ, my high school track coach, said to me in a post, “You are my favorite athlete, you showed me that people are happy running there own race.” I never saw it that way. I would just hear, you could’ve done better, you could’ve done this and that.

What you didn’t know was yes I was last but I beat my personal best majority of the time. Coach Charles would always yell from the side lines “Catch One.” That was his thing. Just catch one.

Let me explain, as a long distant runner you want to stay with the pack throughout the laps and gradually “catch one” get in front of another runner and stay there. The goal is to continually catch one until you finish your race.

What this looks like is you are watching a 4×1 relay race. 1st leg killed it, 2nd leg maintains it, 3rd leg holds the 2nd place spot and the 4th leg is going neck and neck, everyone is screaming and yelling “whoop whoop” and then boom he caught one.

I use that today in all that I do. That has conditioned my mind to say if catch one, you are closer to achieving your personal best.

When I feel discouraged in life because it seems like I’m being lapped, my mom would faithfully remind me to catch one.

Let me break it down for you. I launched my handmade business called A.Royal Collection this year and being so fresh out the womb, I didn’t want to have unrealistic goals. Mom said start off your goal with one sale a month then “Catch One!” so in total two in one month and so on and so on.

Next goal would be one a week then “Catch One!”

My first month I was able to get 5 sales and the month is not over. I continue to say catch one.

Just like on the track, Coach Charles showed us if you catch one you could catch another.

Another example on how I use Coach Charles saying in my every day life would be my first book I am launching July 2020. I’ll sell 500 copies, wonderful catch one. That next one could be 1000 copies, say it with me “Catch One!”

Coach Charles, thank you for all you have done in my prime time in life. You have conditioned me on the track, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am forever grateful for that. So much so I could write a book of my journey on how.

90 Day Devotional will be in your hands July 2020, just another way on how “Catch One” helped me succeed in achieving my goals.


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