I Quit my Job and Now Have a Multi- Million Dollar Company

I quit my job and now have a multi-million dollar company.

You heard me, speak it into existence!

Leaving the Marketing firm was the best thing I’ve ever done. They truly glorified the opportunities provided.

Going door to door was not easy but the 2% of population I was able to meet where oh so sweet. I’ve had doors slammed on me, people threaten to call the cops on me, a dog let off on me, got soaked during a storm, kicked out apartment buildings and even probation all in a months time. My eczema was so bad I had to sleep with a cold rag on my face and elevate my feet every night. That job gave me a serious beating mentally and physically.

The 2% offered me food and water, they welcomed me into there homes which apparently something we are not suppose to do but I was not taught that during training. People prayed for me to get another job, made connections with entrepreneurs, growth in God and myself.

Something wasn’t right. I was told it was not all about sales, they were looking for a leadership role to have the end goal be a Director. As soon as I don’t make sales, I’m on probation and can get demoted. My job was threatened before I received my first pay check. From my understanding, our client didn’t charge additional fees but when I looked at consumers purchases that came out to be a lie. I was so confident in this that I almost had it in my household.

I have spoken to a lot of people outside and inside this field, I constantly saw improvement in myself everyday on the field. I was told I was working set hours but not what was required after I got promoted which was six days 10:30-9pm and if I didn’t do good in sales I have to work Sunday.

My leaders were great people, patient and understanding but this was sales to me, a piece of marketing. Not for me but so glad I tried it.

I was told if I didn’t make it through working with that specific company that I would never make it to be an entrepreneur and it’s not for everybody, I was grouped with “the everybody.” Who said this is the only way to be an entrepreneur? Working under someone else’s company name? It doesn’t matter if I could build my own team, it’s still putting hours in for someone else.

Dr. Myles Munroe said get a 9-5, something easy and work on your business after when you get home. I had no life, barely slept, meetings and team building that happened almost everyday and let’s not even talk about school.

I now am a Advertising Consultant with side hustles, all things I love, make my own schedule and maintain a healthy life balance.

I literally started from nothing, left everything behind and I am not turning back. The sacrifice is a greater reward when it’s for yourself and not for another company.


One response to “I Quit my Job and Now Have a Multi- Million Dollar Company”

  1. My granddaughter all this experience is not going to be going to waste. I know that soon u will achieve that goal that u are seeking. I know that it will happen. After graduation u will see a whole new way of reaching your dreams. Hang in there.


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